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We offer many different classes, exposing you to different types of yoga. From Hatha to Vinyasa – you’ll be able to experience the energy and experience of Studio B. Our many local instructors offer their own knowledge and skill in each type of yoga we practice. Not sure which class you would like? Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


$16 per class • From $14 per visit with 10 Class Card • No purchase required to enroll


Vinyasa Flow

A challenging and empowering class which develops strength, concentration, and poise as you learn to connect breath, focus and movement. Weaving in guided meditation and rhythmic movement creates a rich mind/body experience. All levels are welcome!


Hatha Flow

An all-level, beginner friendly class which invites purification and freedom in the body and mind through postures, breathwork, and deep relaxation.

(Core) Challenge and strengthen the core muscles through targeted exercises and breathwork.

(Meditation) Incorporates various guided meditation techniques.

(Deep Relaxation) Relax and restore during this guided deep relaxation  in a comfortable lying pose intended to guide you into a state of “yogi sleep”.  Set a Sankalpa (heartfelt intention) and enjoy the state of meditation to allow for your deepest desires to unfold.

(Alignment) This class emphasizes proper alignment in each pose. Poses are held 60-90 seconds to increase flexibility and muscle strength


Mindful Yoga for the Unbendy

A hatha yoga class designed to create length and strength in the body for those who are a bit too stiff  for a faster yoga class. All-Levels.



A mindful cardiovascular movement practice that draws from dance, martial arts, and healing arts. Class is done barefoot to soul stirring music and stiff beginners to highly fit athletes can adapt Nia to meet their needs by choosing from three intensity levels.




A complete workout for the body/mind and spirit!  The combination of active breathwork, flowing postures, intention setting and meditation will leave you feeling strong,, clear and balanced..  All-levels welcome. Find out more at



Sridaiva yoga is a modern approach to yoga that utilizes an alignment called the Bowspring.  The Bowspring alignment balances the muscles of the front and back body for optimal alignment of the spine. It offers a new view on body alignment that keeps you living healthy at any age; cultivating graceful lightness and whole body strength.  All-Levels.


Flow and Restore

Incorporates flexibility, strength, stability, alignment, breath and meditation through and active Yang practice finishing with a deep stretch of the muscles in Yin postures. All-Levels.



Qigong is devoted to balancing the body’s life force energy using the breath, the mind and gentle movement. Qigong practice will support deep relaxation in the body and is suitable for all-levels.


Planet Motion

Planet Motion is a funky, soulful style of dance fitness that encourages you to express yourself through movement. Movements are adaptable and can be personalized for any level of fitness and agility. No prior training is necessary. Everyone is welcome.


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