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Satori Yoga


Welcome to the Satori Lifestyle Center at Studio B Evergreen!


Satori is a Zen Japanese word for the instant awakening that occurs when the body, mind, heart and spirit are in their natural state of balance and harmony. In this state we are more alert, energized, creative, and peaceful.

Destination Satori’s programs and products help transform your life by facilitating a shift back to this natural state and away from old beliefs that no longer serve you. By increasing awareness, self-acceptance, and inner wisdom, you will create the natural balance needed to manifest and sustain optimal health and well-being.

We like to describe it as taking the feeling of leaving a Yoga class off the mat and into your life… It’s as simple as learning the simple, yet profound tools and practicing them. The results are amazing.

Studio B is proud to be a Satori Lifestyle Center, which translates to several opportunities for you to practice and integrate the tools for Physical Balance, Mental Wholeness, Emotional Harmony and Spiritual Freedom.


FREE Lifestyle Assessment and Introduction to Satori: During this 45-minute session, you will meet with one of our Certified Satori Coaches.  It’s not a teaser…it’s a full session to lovingly explore where you are and what your goals are learn tools to to create more ease and joy in your life.

Contact to receive a link to your lifestyle assessment and set up your FREE session.


Satori Coaching:Kathryn KC Mitchem teaching Satori Yoga at Studio B Evergreen

In our 16-week coaching program, Satori provides a safe environment for exploring core beliefs around money, relationships, self-worth, health and well-being, among others. It gives you the tools to set up a daily practice to manage your physical and mental energy productively, break old patterns and release blocked energy that may be keeping you stuck in past experiences or afraid of future uncertainty.  It is the only coaching program that has its own yoga practice to support you in a total wellness environment. For your convenience, the coaching program can be completed by phone, online, or in person to suit your particular needs and geographical location. Single sessions are also available.  Email for pricing and more information.

  • Classes: A complete workout for the body, mind and spirit, Satori Yoga is perfect for every level and ability. Satori Yoga incorporates many practices to create balance on four levels (Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual). It includes breathing exercises with mantras, Hatha Yoga, The five Tibetan Rites and guided meditations. It also has its own lifestyle coaching program that goes hand and hand with this amazing practice.
Weekly Classes


  • Series and Workshops: We offer Group Coaching, Family Yoga, and other wonderful ongoing opportunities to deepen your Satori Practice, leading to balance and harmony in the body, greater  self-awareness, self-acceptance and inner wisdom.
Series and Workshops 



Satori Yoga 50-hour Teacher Training: The only yoga practice with its own unique coaching program,
Satori Yoga will help you deepen your connection to the body, mind, heart and spirit. Whether  you are a certified yoga instructor wanting to expand your business, or a dedicated practitioner who wants to share Satori with your community, you will be able to offe a truly transformational kind of yoga with distinct and measurable results…Satori Yoga training is for you!

We offer business and marketing support that includes:

  1. Your bio with a link from our website to yours
  2. Camera ready brand identity marketing materials
  3. Books, DVDs, jewelry, and other retail products for added revenue
  4. Satori Community support with workshops, seminars, retreats, and events

Classroom training is conducted at Studio B in Evergreen, Colorado over the course of four weekends or five days. Destination Satori Partners Stacey Bickler and Founder Carol Gutzeit will train and show you how to integrate this truly transformational program into your practice to add value and expand your opportunities for increased abundance. After four weeks you will be ready to teach your first Satori Yoga class and will the leave the training with:

  • A Satori Yoga Manual
  • Deck of Exercise Cards
  • Online and Camera Ready Marketing Materials
  • Satori Yoga DVD
  • Email and telephone access to Stacey and Carol
  • Ongoing Business and Satori Community Support

Studio B Evergreen Satori Yoga Training(Additional day required for non-certified yoga teachers includes an intensive on safety, alignment and cueing of specific yoga poses taught in the Satori Yoga practice).


6-day $800; 7-day $960

Path to Teaching Satori Yoga  


You will also find Satori books and DVD’s for home practice in the Shanti Shop (our onsite store).

Learn more about this amazing, life-changing program at



Kathryn Mitchem on Thriving Through Life’s Transitions: Coaching and Radical Self Love. Thank you to Erik Vienneau for hosting this interview on his video blog, Your Best Life… Today, and Digital Prestige Design for the excellent videography and sound work.